Friar’s Studio

The webmasters of wanted to transfer the site into a WordPress blog instead of the Squarespace platform it was already on.  This involved picking a theme that would closely match the current theme of the website and customizing it so that the site had the same look and feel that they liked.

Also, in order to get all of their sites in one hosting platform, we set up a hosting account for them and transferred all of their domains and sites to one location.

Lawnscapes Cincy

Working with a designer friend, we helped Lawnscapes upgrade their website.  We put the new design on a WordPress platform for easy maintenance.  By customizing a theme, we were able to get the look and feel of what the customer wanted.  We created custom template pages and sidebars to achieve the slideshow type posts they were looking for.

We also worked with them to get a pair of new laptops that the company needed.  These laptops were set up with the specs given to us and presented on site to make sure that they connected to the wireless network they had.  We also did slight training to make sure they were familiar with the laptops.

After setting up the hardware, continued to provide hardware and networking support for the office, and hardware for new employees.